Chapter 9


Let your words be clear and true in kind
Apollo shall guide your mind,
For none can instruct him
Suffer no wise under coverture.


Apollo or Phebus, that is the sun, to whom the Sunday is given and also the metal that is called gold. The sun, because of his clearness, shows things that are hidden; and therefore truth which is clear and shows secret things, is associated with him. Truth is the virtue that should be in the heart and mouth of every good knight. And to this purpose says Hermes: Love God and truth, and give good council.


Apollo, which is to say the Sun, is what we call truth, and therefore we should understand that man should have in his mouth the truth of the very knight Jesus Christ and flee all falseness. As Cassiodorus says in the book of the Praising of Saint Paul: The condition of falseness is such that, even when it is not opposed, it still fails and collapses; but the condition of truth is to the contrary, for it is so that that the more opposition it has, the more it increases and rises. To this purpose says Holy Scripture: Above all, truth wins.1


  1. Christine’s original Latin: “Super omnia vincit veritas. Secundi Esree iij capitulo.”

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